Residential Program

Elevated Supports offers a truly person-centered residential program for participants who have a desire and ability to live in an independent apartment setting:

  • Participants are supported to live as independently as possible in a private apartment of their choosing. Elevated Supports does not currently contract with Host Home Providers.
  • Participants receive one-on-one assistance to sign/understand their own lease, write accommodation letters and set up utilities under their name.
  • Participants may receive one-on-one support to budget for rent and pay their bills on time.
  • Participants receive self-advocacy training to communicate with their landlord and neighbors when needed.
  • Participants create their own weekly support schedule with the encouragement and mentorship of Elevated Supports staff.


Mentorship services will be provided to promote self-advocacy through a variety of methods which could include providing instruction and experiences, and modeling behaviors and advising as needed.  This service could include support in interviewing potential providers, understanding complicated health issues, and participating on boards or advocacy groups.  The mentor will assist the participant in problem solving and decision making.  Participants who are parents will receive training in parenting skills and will be connected to appropriate resources.  This service will be provided in the environment that is most appropriate – in the home or community, as identified by the participant and the Service Plan.

Day Habilitation – Supported Community Connections (SCC)

Supported Community Connection services will enhance integration in the community to build natural supports and positive relationships.  Participants will be encouraged to participate in typical activities of community life, which could include community education or volunteer opportunities.  The activities will be offered in a variety of settings to encourage integration with community members without disabilities.  These supports may include socialization, adaptive skills, and support for participation in community activities.  These services may be offered in a group or individually.

Enhanced Homemaker

Enhanced homemaker services consist of direct training and instruction of household tasks, including cleaning, laundry, and cooking skills.  The goal of the service is to increase knowledge, skills and independence in maintaining a home.

Personal Care

Personal care services will assist the participant with a variety of activities for daily living, including hygiene, money management, attending medical appointments and grocery shopping.  The supports will be provided in the home or community as appropriate.  Elevated Supports staff will assist the participant in identifying his or her needs in this service area.

Supported Employment Program

Elevated Supports' Supported Employment Program provides person centered support, facilitation and advocacy to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to obtain meaningful, competitive and integrated employment in the communities and environments of their choosing. Currently, our supported employment program engages participants who have been authorized by DVR and/or an HCBS waiver to receive Job Development, Job Placement and Job Coaching supports.